TNCC Courses

The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) developed and implemented the TNCC for national and international dissemination as a means of identifying a standardized body of trauma nursing knowledge. The TNCC (Provider) is a 20-hour course designed to provide the learner with cognitive knowledge and psychomotor skills.

All course will be held at Lubbock AeroCare.

Upcoming Courses:

  • April 24-25, 2023
  • June 15-16, 2023
  • July 20-21, 2023
  • Aug. 24-25, 2023
  • Oct. 23-24, 2023

ENPC Course

ENPC is a 16-hour course designed to provide core-level pediatric knowledge and psychomotor skills needed to care for pediatric patients in the emergency setting. The course presents a systematic assessment model, integrates the associated anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology and identifies appropriate interventions. Triage categorization and injury prevention strategies are included in the course content. ENPC is taught using a variety of formats including, online learning, lectures, videos, group discussion and hands-on skill stations that encourage participants to integrate their psychomotor abilities into a patient situation in a risk-free setting.

All courses will be held at Lubbock AeroCare.

  • May 10-11, 2023
  • Sept. 14-15, 2023

NOTE: Registration forms will be available eight weeks prior to the course on this page as well as sent to our contact list which includes facility educators and administrators.

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